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PostSubject: ACCEES - ACC ENDURANCE EVENT SERIES - Information & Rules   Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:57 am


Welcome new players to ACCEES, ACCEES is short for the ACC ENDURANCE EVENT SERIES. These events are hosted throughout the year and we generally run the series back to back with generally only a short off-season of 2-3 weeks before we launch a new season.

We are currently up to our 5th Season, and we have had a 3 ACCEES Series Champions so far, with Jammy Dodger winning back to back series in seasons 3 and 4 respectively:

Season1 - Sailboarder SCV 243
Season2 - Djonny FW
Season3 - Jammy Dodger (ARC-999)
Season 4 - Jammy Dodger (ARC-999)

So why play ACCEES?

ACCEES was initially launched to be a short series of Endurance Events, between 10-12 Nautical Miles in length and between 40 minutes to 1 hour race time. We launched this because we discovered that there was certainly a keen interest for VSK players to want to play longer races. Most VSK servers only host short "sprint" races at anywhere between 10 minutes to 30 mins in race time. ACCEES was created so that players could race on these short servers or join in the fun of an enduro.

ACCEES is an open server and is therefore open to all players, and all players have the opportunity to join in the series at any time. On each track we can have anything from seasoned "Enduro" racers that have raced enduros for a long time and attend most if not all ACCEES Race Meetings. However, also in the mix are sailors that may just want to race in a longer race or even relative novices to sailing that may want to join in a longer race to have the time to learn the ropes. All sailor types are most certainly welcome to all ACCEES Race Meetings, and the more experienced players are always happy to help the new comers, so dont be shy to ask questions, if you have them.

ACCEES has developed over the years to now be a 12 Round Series, each Round or Venue is hosted for a period of 7 Days, we do this for two reasons:

1. So that all players may have the opportunity to race at each venue at least once. We understand that players have busy lives and obligations to attend to, hosting a single race would mean that not all players would have the opportunity to attend.

2. So that all players have ample opportunity to learn each course, by playing the course more than once all players can learn the courses and get the very best times they can over the course of the week.

ACCEES is an Ocean Rally:

When I created ACCEES I wanted it to be like a Rally upon the sea, where player "Times" were of paramount importance. This is unique to VSK, as most race types are single races that have virtually no meaning. Or they are Match Races where race position is all important. Of course many clubs host competitions of "sprint races" or "match races", but at ACCEES players have a great opportunity to race in a year long series and constantly be able to guage their performance as their skills develop and their confidence grows.

Here race position is of NO importance, of course we congratulate the players that achieve podium positions in the usual way, but it is their "Time" that is recorded not what position they gained during the race. For example if Sailboarder crossed the line in 1st position in the first race hosted on day 1 clocked a time of 1:00:02.18, and Jammy Dodger wins the second race on Day 2 and clocks a time of 1:02:47.20 it doesnt matter that he won the race at all since his time is over 2 minutes slower than the fastest time recorded for that round.

Only the Top 10 "Best Payer Times" at the end of the 7 days receive championship points - so race the clock - race position is basically meaningless in the scheme of things. This is a great way to race, because it means that ANYONE has the opportunity to break course records and score ACCEES points at any time, it can also be incredibly frustrating for the seasoned veterans of ACCEES because they are well aware that anyone can come along at any stage and snatch their valuable points away from them. :lol:This is all acceptable to us and it makes the Championship both challenging and extremely enjoyable to take part in.

There are daily races so check the current Round Race Schedules and join in the fun...

Dan (ARC President) Very Happy Very Happy  Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: ACCEES - ACC ENDURANCE EVENT SERIES - Information & Rules   Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:15 am


Because ACCEES is for all intents and purposes a sea rally in which player times are of paramount importance, we have initiated a special race charter to deal with this unique type of yacht racing. Players in effect race using 2 rulesets at ACCEES Race Meetings, that of the Official ISAF Rules and the ARC ACCEES Charter written specifically for this event series.

Most rules coincide with Official ISAF rules anyhow, but we have seen to it that we have the right to kick or disqualify (ban) players that do not adhere to our particular form of racing. Players should see the ACCEES Charter as Official during ACCEES race meetings and should take care to read the document carefully to avoid disqualification from races. Players should treat the ACCEES Charter as not written to circumvent ISAF Rules but to act as a supplimentary to them to deal with our unique form of yacht racing.

Dont panic! Your disqualification (ban) from an ACCEES race meeting is only temporary it is only a race ban not a lifetime ban. Just join in again on the next day and try not to take your ban is after all JUST A GAME. Banned players are invited to take the time to read the ACCEES Charter before entering the next race so as to avoid further disqualifications from race meetings. We try very hard to make our races fair, but we dont always get the call right....back up, take a breath and try to be more forgiving....we are only human. Hosts are often racing themselves, they may not be able to see the incident you are involved in and they rely heavily on the in-game Chat-Box, so speak up if guys are breaking the rules and we will do our best to address the issue for you. We may deem that both players have not followed the rules to our satisfaction and both players may be banned. It is not a personal attack, we are following our race charter to the best of our ability to make the racing fair for all.

The charter calls quite simply for:

"Fair, non-contact and courteous racing at all times"

When all is said and done this is all players need to do to avoid disqualification from ACCEES Race Events.

It is to be understood by all competitors of the ACC Endurance Event Series (ACCEES), that all ISAF RRS are to be observed, along with and including all the Official ACCEES Race Charter rules for racing ARC Endurance Events, contained herein. Failure to observe these rules may result in sumary disqualification from any ARC ACCEES race meeting. Competitors are also hereby warned that repeated infringements of the race charter will result in a seasonal or permanent ban from the event series and therefore all points gained will become forfeit. It is therefore advised that all players read and understand the rules contained herein before attending ACCEES race meetings to avoid disqualification.

Competitors are to understand that ACCEES is, for all intents and purposes a yacht rally rather than a yacht race, whereas "recorded times" are of paramount importance. While we observe and award points for individual race positions, players best times are what really matter.

Please observe the following rules at every ACCEES Race Meeting.


Article 1 - All players are to race according to all Official ISAF RRS in all ACCEES Race Meetings, except for ISAF Rule 16.1 & 17.1 which are not observed by ACCEES hosts. Failure to cancel these penalties in a timely fashion (if asked) will result in disqualification from the event. 

Article 2 - Players are to observe that ISAF Rule 14 "Avoid Contact" is in effect and will be enforced if it becomes clear that a competitor is not taking apropriate action to avoid making contact with other competitors. Players are to take every precaution to avoid collisions with or making contact with other boats at all times during ACCEES race meetings.

Article 3 - Players are therefore required to give sufficient "Racing Room" at all times during the course of an ACCEES Race, players may not at any time take any action which may "slow" another competitor in any way. Room for land and other obsatcles such as spectator boats must be given. Sufficient room at marker bouys therefore must also be given.

Article 4 - Players must "Sail the Course", excessive crowding or forcing penalties beyond that which would be considered as reasonable is considered unsportsmanlike and not in the finest traditions of the ARC doctrine of "Fairplay". Falure to adhere to this rule will result in summary disqualification from the race.

Article 5 - "Intentional Contact" being made by any competitor during the course of an ACCEES race meeting is considered as unsportsmanlike and not in the finest ARC traditions of "fairplay". This is otherwise known as "Penalty (pen) Hunting", and is strictly prohibited at all ACCEES race events. This is considered as a serious offense and will result in summary disqualification. Likewise port or starboard barging is considered as making intentional contact, all attempts must be made to avoid collisions at all times.

Article 6 - "Manual Penalties (NPC)" ACCEES races are conducted under Official ISAF rules therefore all ISAF RRS are to be adhered to except in the case where such rules would be superceeded by the ACCEES Charter herein. All players are to manually ask for a penalty to be inflicted upon another player if and ONLY if it is considered that a player has slowed the player in which the penalty is being issued by. The charter calls for "No Contact" to be made in articles 2, 3 & 5 respectively, contact therefore should not be made. However in the case in which intentional contact has been made and a competitor has been slowed a penalty is warranted and must be taken.

Article 7 - "Protest Abuse" - the use of protesting against another competitor  is taken very seriously the ACCEES Charter therefore calls for conservative use of the "P" button during the course of race meetings. A player is therefore only permitted to ask for a penalty to be inflicted no more than "5 Times" for any one incident in which a player feels a penalty is warranted. Competitors are hereby warned that any such abuse witnessed by ACCEES hosts will be seen as direct breach of article 5 and 7 of the charter and a summary disqualification will be issued.

Article 8 - "Mast Hit" - Tacking too close to another competitor is strictly prohibited, if a competitor causes a mast hit at any time during the course of a race they are in direct infringements of articles 2 & 3 of the charter and will have slowed the competitor in which the hit has been made. A penalty will be issued by the race host immediatley upon report of the incident and a 360 penalty will be issued by the race host, competitors are hereby warned that any failure to conduct this penalty spin within 1 minute of the penalty being issued will result in summary disqualification from the race.

Article 9 - "360 Penalty Spins" - All competitors are required to conduct their 360 penalty spins clear of the fleet, and at no time are they to interfere with another competitors race in conjunction with articles 2, 3 & 5 of the charter. Players must ensure that they clear the fleet and conduct their penalty spin/s before rejoining the race. Failure to do so will result in summary disqualification from the race.

Article 10 - "Verbal Abuse & Trolling" - At no time will verbal abuse or trolling be tollerated by competitors during a race, the use of abusive language to other competitors and/or race hosts will at NO time be tollerated. A warning will be issued by the race host in this situation to cease the argument and carry on racing. Failure to do so will result in summary disqualification under this article. Players are to conduct themselves in a gentlemanly fashion at all times and are required to be polite, friendly and courteous. Failure to do so will result in ban from ACCEES servers.

Article 11 - "Lag" - Players that are seen to be lagging during the course of a race may be subject to disqualification, this is not seen as a penalty by the race hosts but certainly seen as a way to prevent "unintentional" breaches of Articles 2 & 3 of the charter herein. Players will be advised that they are "lagging" and if the lag is considered as unfair to other players then they may be kicked from the server. It is also required by the race host that any penalty inflicted by a lagging player may be asked to be cancelled and in this case and ONLY this case is a penalty to be cancelled.

Article 12 - All ACCEES hosts reserve the right to kick or ban any player who they feel is not racing within the perameters of the charter rules herein, or are not sailing in the best traditions of "Fair Play". We race by these rules to give every player the best chances to record the best possible times during an endurance event, our rules are displayed before the start of every race and believe it to be truly unsportsmanlike and exceptionally rude not to follow host server rules. Therefore repeated infringements of the charter articles by players is taken very seriously by ACCEES race hosts and is considered as unfair to the other competitors to allow such behaviour to continue.

Remember to have fun out there Hi 

AussieXII (ACCEES Co-ordinator)

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