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 Locator Files/Dropbox

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PostSubject: Locator Files/Dropbox   Tue Nov 13, 2012 11:13 pm


Creating a Locator File will help others see your skin quickly. When others players in VSK are automatically through VSK downloading your information off your computer it takes a considerable amount of time. Putting the file out on the wb and having instructions in your skin file in VSK to direct it to the wed file will get the job done much faster.

Take a look at the link I've provided, its for Northspace. This may help in clearing up how to create a locator file. For anyone that doesn't use this site you need to go and take a look there is a wealth of information there all about VSK

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

This is a cut and past from Nortspace, side note this is "Camsters" site.

Taken From Nortspace******************

Locator Files – uploading your skin to other Players

What is it?

It is a way to help other players see your boat skin more quickly.
It is a text file that is of the form '' and is stored in the same folder that contains the boat skin (for example Documents/VSK5/Skins/Boats/Acc). The file is named the same as your skin name, with the '.loc' extension after it. (So for this example, a skin called '' will have a locator files called ''). It's important that capitals in the name are repeated exactly in the locator.

Locator Files are text files used to point to a place on the web where you store your boat skin. This is in addition to storing the skin on your PC. When you race online without using a locator, the other players will automatically download your skin from your PC, which uses your bandwidth and can take a long time, depending on your connection. If you put a copy of your skin on the web and create a locator file on your PC to point to it, the other players will download it from there instead of from your PC.

How is it done?
1) Put your skin zip file on the web.
You need to find a place on the web where you can put the skin and upload it to there. Not all websites allow download of files, so check with your own provider, especially if it is a free site. The site needs to allow direct linking.
Some clubs can help with storing skins. For example VSK-AUS has a download section with many skins available for you to download, if you register with the site (you don't have to be a full member of the club). You can also upload your own skin to this section. The club allows links from locator files to the files they have in this download section and there is a guide to how to create the locator file for this site there too.

2) Create & Save the Locator File.
Once you have the skin on the web – for example '', you make the locator file, using a text editor (like Notepad). Open a new file and type accurately the full internet address of the place on the web where your skin is stored, (eg [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Now save the file to the same folder on your computer that holds the skin zip file - when doing this, click [Save as...] and in the dialogue box, change the [Save as type] to 'AllFiles'. Now put your skin name with .zip.loc after it - eg '' and save it in the same folder as your skin. (eg C:\Users\[Your Name]\Documents\VSK5\Skins\Boats\Acc).

3) Make sure it works
It's worth copying/pasting the webspace address of your skin into your browser and clicking yhe 'go' arrow to make sure that you are offered the skin file to download. This makes sure that you have typed the address correctly and that your webspace provider allows access to it.

Be careful that you don't save the locator as a Text file. Check it has not got the .txt file after the filename. Windows has a default setting where it hides the extension of .txt files (among others). If you can’t see the .txt extension in other txt files,you will need to alter the Windows settings to allow you to see it. Go to Start > Control Panel > Folder Options. Go to the [view] tab and scroll down so that you can remove the tick from ‘Hide extensions from known file types’. Then click [OK] and you should be able to see and alter the .txt extension if you need to.




As for where to locate this file after you create it try going to "Dropbox" this is a free site that you can use. Sign up and locate your file in a your public folder. I'm not the most knowledgable at things computer but I managed

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Good Luck

Seahorse (ARC 914)......John
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Locator Files/Dropbox
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